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Home photography / digital art

     “Tactual Dreams” is a series that blurs the lines between photography, drawing, and painting. By combining the traditions of painting and fine art photography with contemporary digital technology, these expressionistic images offer me a unique way of sharing my deep passion for nature, as well as bringing a visceral response from others.

     These images begin as my original photographs and are separated into multiple virtual layers that are then painted on with an electronic stylus. These layers are then recombined in the computer as I decide which part of the image will be photo-realistic and which parts will have expressive brush strokes and enhanced hues. As a child with severe myopia that wasn’t diagnosed until I started school, this is how I remember my earliest impressions of my world; full of dramatic, and sometimes overwhelming, shapes of colour.

     My goal is to lead the eye through an image with the same effect as a storyteller weaves a tale. With these images, the photograph is a dream made tangible. It represents a physical extension of a memory for me. I want to go beyond just recording a time and place; I want to capture that “moment” and how it makes me feel, and share it with others. And part of that process is shared with the viewer, since the picture isn’t complete until they are actively engaged by re-constructing the layers of colour in their own minds eye with each viewing.

     However, if the art is successful, the process disappears and the sublime is revealed. After I’ve worked with an image, it’s not enough to just be unique; it has to be better. It has to sing.

Artist’s Statement: Tactual Dreams